What can I expect from an appointment now at Leichhardt General Practice?

Leichhardt General Practice has remained open during the COVID-19 Pandemic offering both telephone and face to face appointments. We continue to encourage our patients to call us regarding any medical concern, particularly if it is urgent.

Face-to face appointments should still be made in the first instance.  Telephone appointments are available for patients who are vulnerable to COVID (see below), who have respiratory symptoms and have attended the practice in the last 12 months.

Who is vulnerable?

  • Patients over the age of 70 yr

  • Patients under the age of 16 yr

  • Parents with children under 12 months

  • Patients with chronic medical conditions

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients

  • Patients isolating as they either have, are being tested for or who are isolating as they may have been exposed to COVID-19

Whilst your care is always of utmost importance to us we still want to protect our other patients as well as the doctors and staff that work at Leichhardt General Practice.

Therefore, when you call the practice on (02) 9561 0300 you will be asked some questions about your respiratory health to determine the appropriate type of appointment and whether you should attend in person (face to face consult) or book a telephone consultation.


Telephone consultations

If you have respiratory symptoms, please make a Telehealth (telephone) appointment with one of our GPs to discuss your symptoms. These bookings can be by made calling our reception team on (02) 9561 0300.

Alternatively, you can make a Telehealth (only) appointment online through HotDoc or via our website.

Children under 16 years old, Concession Card Holders and patients meeting criteria specified by the Commonwealth Government will be Bulk Billed.  Billing, however, will be determined by your doctor.

Leichhardt General Practice’s fees apply for all other phone consultations. The standard Medicare rebate will apply.

If you have been booked in for a phone consultation with your doctor, it is important to be ready with your phone at the appointed time and positioned in a private, quiet place with good reception if you’re using your mobile.

If payment is required after the telephone consultation you may be put back to the front reception desk to finalise the billing.

 In the event that this doesn’t occur you will be contacted through the day for payment details required to settle the account.

After an initial phone consult, your doctor may decide whether appropriate for you to come to the practice for an appointment or alternately advise you of the next steps. 

You may be may recommended to attend a COVID-19 Swab Clinic, referred to COVID-19 Pathology Collection Centre or local Respiratory Clinic if further assessment investigation is required.

Our doctors are advising all patients who are unwell to isolate at home and away from others within the house.

For further information about Home isolation please read the NSW Health Home Isolation Guide.

If you are awaiting a swab result for COVID-19 please follow the guidelines for COVID-19 unless your doctor informs you otherwise:

  • Stay at home and do not attend work or school

  • wash your hands often with soap and water

  • cough and sneeze into your elbow

  • avoid cooking for or caring for other members of your household

  • wear a mask if close contact with other people is unavoidable

As a precaution, if your symptoms continue to be indicative of COVID-19 and you have had a negative swab early in the illness, our doctors’ may possibly recommend and arrange a follow up swab test.

Most importantly, if your symptoms worsen you must call and notify our reception team. Please explain exactly what’s happening as you will need to speak to one of our doctors.

For those patients experiencing severe symptoms such as breathing difficulties (acute shortness of breath) dizziness or confusion, please call 000. You must specify that you are suspected of contracting COVID-19 and are unwell.


Face to Face Appointments

We will ask you to wait in your car or outside the surgery and call reception on (02) 9561 0300 upon arrival.

Even though we are open for appointments, our doors are currently locked so that we can safely triage all patients prior to attending their appointment. This phone call allows reception staff to ask some questions regarding your current respiratory health condition.

We ask patients to be honest and disclose all current or newly developed symptoms whether it be fever, a runny nose, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath.

Seating inside is limited due to social distancing rules. There is additional well spaced seating outside the practice. Alternatively, especially if it’s cold or wet you may prefer to wait in your car.  We can you call you when the doctor is ready to see you.

We have alcohol hand rub at our front reception desk for your use and patients (except children under 12) are now required to wear a mask in the consultation.