Please take a look at your frequently asked questions here. Should you not be able to find the answer you're looking for, please send us your enquiry via the contact form at the end of the page.


Do I have to make an appointment or can I just walk in?

At Leichhardt General Practice (LGP), we are an appointment based practice. Please call our friendly reception at 9561 0300 to make an appointment - Existing Patients, You can use our online booking system, OzDocsOnline. To make your appointment, please Login or Create an Account. You can also find out more about our online services here.

Is it possible to get appointments on the same day as calling?

Same day appointments are usually available. If you require an urgent appointment, please inform our reception staff who will make every effort to accommodate you. In the case of any emergency, always ring 000.

Do I need a long consultation?

It is recommended that you book a long consultation if you fulfil either of the following points:

  • You are a new patient
  • You require a Skin check
  • You require a Pap smear
  • Seeking a Mental Health Care Plan
  • You have multiple medical issues you wish to discuss
With procedures such as an excision, IUD or Implanon insertion, we ask that you have an initial standard consultation with your doctor for assessment and they will then advise you how to book when you return for the procedure.

What do I bring to my appointment?

Please remember to bring your:

  • Medicare card
  • HCC/DVC card (for bulk billing)
  • Private health insurance membership card
  • Concession card
  • Identification card/driving licence

Do you send appointment reminders?

Our reception staff will send you an SMS reminder the day before your appointment. As we cannot confirm the successful delivery of the SMS, we ask that this system is not solely relied upon.

Do you offer home visits?

We will offer home visits to very unwell patients, or disabled patients. This is a case by case decision made by your treating doctor and is not offered to patients who are not already affiliated with the practice. Home visits are subject to doctors' availability.

What if I need an appointment after hours?

Our after hours GP locum service provide home visits by qualified doctors. If you need a doctor, call Sydney Medical Service Co-Operative Limited on 1300 466 347. Alternate after-hours Emergency services include: Balmain Hospital GP Casualty Address: 29 Booth Street, Balmain NSW 2041 Hours: 8.00am to 10.00pm (7 days) Phone: (02) 9395 2165 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Address: Missenden Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050 Phone: (02) 9515 6111 Concord Repatriation General Hospital Address: Hospital Road, Concord NSW 2139 Phone: (02) 9767 5000

Are you a privately billing practice?

Leichhardt General Practice is a private general practice and we aim to provide the very best medical care and service possible. Our fees are structured to reflect the time you spend with your doctor, the complexity of your issues, as well as any procedures performed during your consultation. Today's Medicare rebates do not cover the full cost of providing you with safe and high quality medical care. This is because the rate at which successive governments have indexed Medicare Schedule fees has been substantially lower than increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and average weekly earnings. The Government has announced it will not be indexing Medicare Schedule fees in 2017. Medicare rebates have been frozen since 1 July 2014 and possibly will not be increased until 1 July 2020. Due to the Medicare rebate freeze, the practice is no longer able to bulk bill some of our patients - we seek our patients' understanding as it would not be possible for the practice to meet yearly running costs and provide the best service for our patients without making amendments to Leichhardt General Practice's fees and billing policy. Fees charged covers all operating expenses such as medical equipment, electricity, computers, rent and insurance. As of 01 February 2017, Leichhardt General practice will only be bulk billing patients who have a current Health Care Card (HCC) or DVA Card for common services. Private Billing will apply to all other patients. Children under 16 years will only be billed at a reduced fee during the week, and will be bill at full fee on Saturdays. Find out more about Medicare, bulk billing and private billing here. Special fees may be offered to disadvantaged patients. Please advise your doctor if you are suffering any financial hardship. At your doctor's discretion, a follow up review of an acute problem may be bulk billed. Our doctors are sensitive to such situations and are willing to assist where possible. Accounts need to be settled on the day of your appointment. We are connected to HIC Online which means that we can lodge a claim to Medicare for you at time of payment. You can then elect to have your rebate sent as a cheque or transferred into your bank account. We offer Eftpos, Visa or Mastercard.

How do I get a medical certificate?

A medical certificate can be provided on the date of your consultation if your doctor feels it is appropriate. Unfortunately, a medical certificate cannot be provided without an appointment with your doctor and cannot be backdated so please come and see us early if you are feeling unwell.

How do I get my test results?

At the end of your appointment, your doctor will discuss with you the most appropriate way to obtain your results. Sometimes they will ask you to return for results; other times it may be appropriate for you to use our online system, OzDocsOnline. Due to a lack of confidentiality, it is not common practice for us to give results over the phone. Reception staff can tell you over the phone if your results are back and if your doctor would like to see you to discuss them.

Why have I been recalled?

LGP is committed to the ongoing health of our patients. As part of this, from time to time, we will send you reminders to partake in preventative screening programs such as:

  • mammograms
  • bowels screens
  • and pap smears

How is my confidentiality and privacy maintained?

Medical records are kept in the strictest confidence in concordance with standards set by the Australian Medical Association and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

How do I transfer my medical records from my old practice/ doctor to this practice?

It is very useful for your doctor to have access to all of your medical history. If you would like your medical records transferred, please mention this to your doctor who will fill out the relevant paperwork with you during your appointment. - As of 31 January 2019, a My Health Record will be created for every Australian who does not opt out of the service. All documents in My Health Record are set to general access for healthcare providers by default. Should you make changes to the default settings, please allow your doctor to access your record so they can upload, view and share your health information.

Is Leichhardt General Practice an accredited practice?

We are RACGP and AGPAL accredited.

What have been the experiences of other patients? How can I be assured of the quality of Leichhardt General Practice?

Leichhardt General Practice collects patient feedback to continually improve provision of our varied health care services. Surveys of patients help guide our quality of practice and form an important part of our accreditation as a centre of excellence - latest survey results are published for review.

Do you have pathology on site and do I need an appointment?

We have a Douglas Hanly Moir Pathology collection site immediately next door to us. No appointment is necessary.